Among the popular advanced treatments offered in Malaysia for foreign patients are cardiac procedures, orthopaedic, cancer treatment, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and general health screenings. In addition, Malaysia also offers traditional and complimentary medicine (TCM) as alternative medical treatments.

We have a long list of specialists working with us. Our medical professionals (doctors & surgeons) are well trained and highly skilled. Many of them have completed overseas education and training and some have worked in the best hospitals around the UK, USA and Australia. We only work with highly esteemed medical professionals who have a valid practice license in Malaysia i.e. fully registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), and those have shown high levels of practice etiquette and patient care.

Once you have selected the procedure we will advise you the specialist who is able to solve your condition together with their profile.

Bariatric surgery

Cardio Thoracic

Cosmetic surgery

Cell Therapy

Fertility Treatment


Should you need information on other treatment please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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