Ear Pinning Surgery

Is Otoplasty different from Ear Reconstruction surgery?

Cosmetic ear surgery (Otoplasty) can treat Protruding ears and Ear reconstruction treat Macrotia – a congenital deformity where external ear (pinna) is underdeveloped (microtia). Otoplasty Protruding ears can be reshaped by a straightforward procedure called otoplasty. During the operation the skin and cartilage are removed from behind the ears, following which they are then sculpted…

Facial Fat Graft

I am pleased with the result of my facial fat graft – FRESH, YOUTHFUL, ATTRACTIVE. Good value! Sister Kay was like a trusted friend, practically my shadow, being there every step of the journey – Appointment information, translation, admission, payments. I am very grateful to her and her team. – Gerda from Australia

Chin Implant

Dr. Yap did a good job on my chin. Now my face is in equal proportion and well balanced. I am very pleased that bruising was very minimal. There was hardly any pain at the operated area, I would gladly recommend Dr. Yap to anyone who wants to do plastic surgery. – Male Patient