Dr Vasilis Paspaliaris

Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine

As one of our trusted partners at Tithon Biotech, Dr Vasilis Paspaliaris leads CelesticaLife’s medical advisory board. Working in partnership with esteemed academic institutions, multinational companies and governmental bodies around the world, Dr Paspaliaris has dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries of science and medicine to come up with groundbreaking treatment methodologies that defend against the ageing process.

A thought-­leading and highly experienced clinical pharmacologist and medical scientist, with a wealth of experience in drug discovery, clinical pharmacology and military trauma medicine, Dr Vasilis has championed the discovery and development of no less than seven patented peptide and stem cell extraction, activation and treatment methodologies.

He has published over 20 papers, holds five patents, lectures on a variety of medical topics, and is a member of the following organisations:

• The World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-­Aging Medicine
• The Australian Military Medicine Association and Latin American Stem Cell Society
• Fellow of the Philippine Society of Stem Cell Medicine
• Diplomat of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine
• Fellow of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine
• Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)