Hair Transplant

Permanent Hair Restoration

Men HairlossHair loss, or alopecia, is certainly not a new phenomenon. It is a condition that has been affecting both men and women for centuries.

Today, however, innovative technology is helping thousands of hair loss sufferers to restore their natural hairlines.

There are two main treatment options for Androgenic alopecia: Medical and Surgical.

Medical treatments include the use of Minoxidil, Propecia and/or laser light therapy. These medications works as long as you take them and it is intended to continue for long term.

Hair transplant is a surgical option for treatment of Androgenic alopecia. It is a treatment options that will give you long-term results.

While there are older techniques in hair transplant procedure, our specialist is experienced in the minimal invasive FUE technique. Each hair follicles are extracted and implanted individually, giving you a more natural results compare to older techniques.

Many individuals may want to undergo this procedure, but are discouraged by hair transplant costs. Our clinic hair transplant costs starts from RM10,000 (Ringgit Malaysia) onwards depending mostly on how many grafts you need, and/or how many sessions you need to complete them in.

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