Dr. Sunita Kaur

Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine

Being at the forefront of the industry, Dr. Sunita Kaur is deeply passionate about regenerative medicine and its powerful abilities to heal and enhance a person’s health holistically. Having practiced medicine for two decades, Dr. Sunita Kaur saw the revolutionary potential in regenerative medicine, how it can change the traditional approach of medicine and decided to specialise in regenerative medicine. It has since been her sole focus since 2008.

Well-recognised within the industry  Dr. Sunita Kaur’s wealth of experience and extensive knowledge has established her as an authority in the field of regenerative medicine and was awarded  the Presidential Award from the Society for Anti-ageing, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARM). In addition she is also a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine (AARM.

She has written more than ten thesis and clinical papers on the subject and as such has become one of the well sought-after speakers for many international medical conferences.

Dr Sunita works closely with Dr Vasilis Paspaliaris in providing VSELs Cell Therapy and related treatment at CelesticaLife Clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

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