Dr Mohan Raj Varutha Rajoo

Dr Mohan Raj Varutha Rajoo (Dr Mohan) is currently the Reproductive Specialist and Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O & G) Consultant at KPJ Damansara Fertility Centre. 

He obtained a Masters degree in O & G from University Malaya in 2007 after he graduated in MBBS from India in 1997. 

He served the Malaysian Government for 17 years as an Obstetric & Gynaecologist at various government hospitals and as a Reproductive Fellow at University Teaching Hospitals.

In 2010 he was attached to Chiang Mai University in Thailand and worked under the supervision of Professor Terapon, a well known professor who has written extensively on innovative fertility management strategies and revolutionized fertility treatment in Thailand.

In 2014 He undertook to specialise in reproductive medicine at the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong and he was working under the supervision of Professor P.C.Ho and Professor Earnest which resulted in him being accredited with a “Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine”. 

Dr. Mohan’s area of expertise in Reproductive Medicine includes skills in the latest development in terms of ultrasound scanning, follicular trekking by ultrasound, intrauterine insemination, transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocytes retrieval and embryo transfer.

His other specialties include Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) process, including ART laboratory process and quality control, surgical sperm recovery, and embryo transfer.

Accomplishment & Recognitions

Dr.Mohan’s outstanding accomplishments include attaining a Honours’ Certificate of Excellence in Public Service in 2010, conducting the “Training Seminar On Management of Infertility” in 2009, having completed training in Life Saving Skills Essential for Obstetric and New Born Care in 2008, and having published the article ““Prognostic Factors Influencing Pregnancy Rate after COH” in the Medical Journal of Malaysia (Vol. 62, Issue No. 4) in 2007. Dr Mohan has written articles in various local magazines and newspapers on Male &Female fertility issues. He has also given talks over the local radio television.

He has successfully treated couples with more challenging infertility cases such as male infertility, women with poor ovarian reserve and poor responds, failure of implantation and advanced aged infertility women. Dr. Mohan says that his delighted to have joined KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital and the fertility centre family and to have been given the opportunity to make a difference in the area of medicine that he feels most passionately about helping people achieve their dreams of parenthood”.

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