Love My Headlights

I was fortunate to be blessed with nice, large, round breast during my youthful years. They were wonderful about 27 years. Then two children and a couple of decades later, father time didn't bypass me on his travels. During my forties, my lovely, large, round breast transformed into sagging, floppy, beanbags that the best of …

Facial Fat Graft

I am pleased with the result of my facial fat graft - FRESH, YOUTHFUL, ATTRACTIVE. Good value! Sister Kay was like a trusted friend, practically my shadow, being there every step of the journey - Appointment information, translation, admission, payments. I am very grateful to her and her team. - Gerda from Australia

Chin Implant

Dr. Yap did a good job on my chin. Now my face is in equal proportion and well balanced. I am very pleased that bruising was very minimal. There was hardly any pain at the operated area, I would gladly recommend Dr. Yap to anyone who wants to do plastic surgery. - Male Patient


"Sister K was very helpful. Doctor Yap was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He gave me the information I needed to make my decision. It was clear that he was considerate of his patients and was not in the business of unnecessary cosmetic suggestions. He explained all potential impacts. It was also apparent that his facial work produced …