What Are Pre-surgery Blood Tests?

When you are having surgery your surgeon may order a series of blood tests. This is because your surgeon wants to make sure that you are  in the best possible health for the procedure and to detect if there is any conditions that could cause preventable complications. Pre-op testing is very individualised since  every surgery is different  and so…

Fat Fillers For Facial Rejuvenation

Fat injections also known as fat grafting is one of the best ways to rejuvenate our face. This procedure is suitable for both male and female patients who are experiencing a loss of volume in the face. Fat injections can restore the volume to your face and considered a natural way to make you more youthful.

Patient Care Instruction

The following instruction given are guide lines before and after surgery designed by our Plastic Surgeon.  Each surgeon has his/her own guidelines. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines for a healthy recovery. re-care-notes-abdominoplasty   re-care-notes-breast-augment   re-care-notes-breast-redux   re-care-notes-facelift   re-care-notes-liposuction   re-care-notes-pinnaplasty   re-care-notes-rhinoplasty  

Hand fat graft

Hand Fat Grafting

Rejuvenation of the hand is a procedure where your own fat is used to “fill in” the hollow, collapsed areas on the back of the hand. This fat is also used to a help hide the prominent veins that also so often contribute to an elderly appearing hand