Don’t Just Take Our Words

Malaysia Healthcare is among the most affordable healthcare services in the world that offers unparalleled standards of quality and care. Popular treatments in medical tourism include orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, IVF, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and health screening.

Here are what past patients said about their medical  journey experience in Malaysia.


” The key highlights would be affordability, the thoroughness of the care, the compassion and just the general way that everything is run so precisely, very professional.” – Bariatric patient from New Zealand.

” They make you feel like home. They make you feel secure. The people from the hotels to the assistance and the carers that have been helping me. I have been made to feel very comfortable and respected.” – Cosmetic Surgery patient from Australia.

“The doctors are very attentive. They showed care and support to the patient and the family members. The doctor assured us not to worry about the patient, they will take care of us.” – Cardiology patient from Indonesia.


Published by Sister Kay McNaught

Sister Kay McNaught a professional Medical Tourism Facilitator based in Malaysia.

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