Mommy Makeover – The Ultimate Gift

For most women, there are few experiences more beautiful than that of becoming a mother. However repeated pregnancies and birth and  being too busy to look after oneself can lead to a few problems such as loose skin on the abdomen, deflated or sagged breast and pockets of stubborn fat. Most mothers would welcome  a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover can help reverse some of the effects of motherhood on a woman’s body.

Most common surgical procedures in a mommy makeover are Tummy tuck to remove loose skin in the abdominal area, Breast lift  to address breasts that have been deflated and sagging and  Liposuction to remove stubborn and help body contouring. In addition some surgeons offers Brazilian butt Lift and Vaginal rejuvenation as well.
Some women elect to have post-baby body concerns addressed in a single surgery whilst others prefer to stage surgeries for various reasons. In many women, it’s reasonable to perform both breast lift and a tummy tuck in a single surgery.

If you are considering a  mommy makeover make sure you are absolutely done having children. A mommy makeover may be appropriated  if  you are physically healthy and at a stable weight, have loose or droopy skin around your stomach, your breasts have lost volume or are sagging and have excess stomach fat that hasn’t responded to diet or exercise. Finally you must have realistic expectations of these procedures.

The evaluate the suitability of a mommy make over  contact us for an appointment with our Plastic surgeon.