What happens to your breasts during pregnancy?

For most women, there are few experiences more beautiful than that of becoming a mother. But where there is immense joy on the one hand, there is persistent worry on the other about getting back their perky breast after pregnancy.

What happens to your breasts during pregnancy?

During pregnancy your breasts enlarge as milk production takes place in preparation for breastfeeding. After giving birth, milk will usually be produced by your body as long as you breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to your child (who gets protective antibodies from you) and to you (the mother) – as it helps to shrink the womb back to its normal size.

Once breastfeeding is over, your breasts decrease in size, often becoming smaller and less perky than before your pregnancy. Stretch marks and loose, saggy breasts are common. Repeated pregnancies will multiply this effect.

The combination of expansion and contraction of your  breasts causes them to lose volume and sag. The appearance of excess skin causes your nipples to droop and point downwards.

What  can you do?

If your breasts have shrunk without too much sagging and excess skin, they can be made perky and round again by inserting implants.

However, when your breasts have drooped to such an extend that the nipple sits below the breast crease, it may not be enough to insert implants. They will need a combination of implants and lifting procedures.

Lifting alone will address the sagging but it will usually cause a slight reduction in breast size because of the cinching effect on the breast tissue.

Mothers with large pendulous breasts may consider going for breast reduction. A vertical reduction will lift the breasts up considerably.

Our surgeon will be able to advise you which procedure will be most suitable for you. Contact us to arrange for an appointment.