Breast Augmentation Dilemma

Are you wondering whether Breast Augmentation is right for you?

One of the defining characteristics of beauty, femininity, and sexuality of the human figure is the female breast. For personal reasons, many women want to have breast enhancement to create a larger, fuller, and shapelier bust line.

Breast augmentation has been available worldwide for over 40 years. During breast augmentation, implants are inserted through an incision – usually made just above the breast crease, around the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple, or in the armpit – and placed into a “pocket” created by the surgeon behind the breast tissue or the chest muscle to add volume and enhance shape to small or underdeveloped breasts, or to restore volume lost as a result of weight loss, childbirth, or ageing.

In addition to the positive aesthetic outcomes of breast augmentation, data has shown that many patients enjoy substantial psychological benefits, including enhanced self-esteem after breast implants. The surgical techniques and breast implants themselves are continuously being refined, increasing the safety and reliability of the procedure.

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