Breast Enhancement with Your Own Fat

female-upper-bodyFat grafting to the breast, involves taking fat from places in the body such as your buttocks or thighs, where it is plentiful, and implanting it in your breasts.

A breast that is enhanced with autologous fat does feel natural. Fat grafting to the breast can increase breast size (but likely by less than one cup), create cleavage and improve the shape of tuberous or “Snoopy” breasts. These enhancements may even be permanent, or semi-permanent with some maintenance injections. Fat grafting, in the right hands, may provide breasts that look and feel more natural.

How does it work?

Fat grafting to the breast consists of two procedures – first harvesting the fat and then placement into the breasts.

To begin, a substantial amount of fat is removed with a small syringe. After processing, the fat cells are carefully injected, drop by drop in dozens of small injections, into the space between the skin and the breast capsule surrounding the breast and/or behind the breast between the breast and chest wall. This meticulous technique enables the plastic surgeon to sculpt the breasts as desired.

Risks and Benefits:

There are benefits and risks to all surgeries, including fat transfer to the breast. For example, you can’t go as big with fat injections to the breast as you could with saline or silicone breast implants. Depending on your goals, this could be a downside. Other risks may include cosmetic dissatisfaction, asymmetry, unpredictable results, infection or fat migration. There are also risks relating to the way the fat is harvested.

The benefits of fat grafting to the breast over breast augmentation with implants include no risk of rejection or allergic reaction since it is your own tissue. Fat transfer breast augmentation also allows doctors to sculpt the breast, as opposed to placing pre-formed, manufactured breast implants.

This procedure takes longer to perform and costs much more than breast augmentation with implants. Prices vary based on the amount of fat that is harvested and how much is re-injected. Should you be interested to know whether this procedure is suitable for you do contact us to arrange for an appointment with our surgeon.