Removing Breast Implants

Leaked implantThe reasons for breast implant removal are the leakage or rupture of the implant, capsular contracture, and a change in the size and shape of the implants.

Implant removal surgery is normally done under general anesthesia at our medical center.

The surgeon will cut through the capsule surrounding the implant and then the implant is carefully removed. The implants are inspected for any damages especially if they are silicone filled. The surgeon may simply decide to deflate a saline-filled implant on some occasions in order to assist in its removal.
When the old implants are removed, they are replaced with new ones. The scar tissue or capsule around the implant is removed if an implant is not going to be replaced.

Minimal pain will be experienced when only the implants are removed. However when both the implants and the capsules are removed, the discomfort and pain will be similar to a breast augmentation procedure.

Some women will get breast asymmetry if the previous implant is not replaced. Those who are unhappy with the result may undergo another breast implant surgery so that the breasts can be reshaped whilst others will only need a breast lift after the surgery. There are women who will not need any other surgery at all.

What Are The Risks Associated With Breast Implant Removal? 

Breast implant removal will involve several risks like any other surgical procedure such as infection, reaction to the anaesthesia, excessive bleeding and unsatisfactory results.

Other risk that can be associated with breast implant removal is the rupturing or damage of the implant shell. It may be impossible to remove all of the lost gel in the surrounding tissues. This is also a problem for the surrounding scar capsule which will contain the leaked gel. This may also be ruptured or damaged.

How Will I Look After The Breast Implant Removal? 

It is impossible to predict with certainty how you will look after a breast implant removal. This is highly dependent on the nature of the scar and if the implant got ruptured or damaged.

Breast asymmetry may also occur after the breast implant removal. This is very disappointing for most women. Some women will go through further breast surgeries to reshape their breasts while other women will simply go for a breast lift. Some women are lucky that they don’t need any further surgeries at all.

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