Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian Eye Surgery

Asian blepharoplasty is also known as double eyelid surgery where the skin around the eye is reshaped. Half of Asians have a “single eyelid” resulting in a narrow eye aperture.

The Asian blepharoplasty procedure creates a double upper eyelid with a well-defined crease.
The resulting benefit is both cosmetic and medical by opening up the aperture of the eye. Similar to regular blepharoplasty, the surgery results in creating a look of alertness and beauty for patients.

Double Eyelid Surgery
The operation is usually done as a day case procedure under local anesthetic injections and is very well tolerated. Each operation usually takes about an hour to do both upper lids. Recovery time is usually very quick with minimal bruising/swelling that rapidly reduces over a few weeks.

Asian eye surgery is a specialized cosmetic surgery. It is important that you seek out plastic surgeons who has helped many people achieve great Asian eye surgery results.

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