Breast Reduction

For Attractive and Proportionate Appearance

Excessively large sagging breasts can cause extreme physical discomfort, health problems, and emotional stress for many women. Breast reduction can help you correct back, shoulder and neck pain as well as poor posture, skin irritations, skeletal deformities, breathing problems and numbness in the extremities due to compressed nerves. Large breasts also can be an embarrassment, leaving women feeling extremely self-conscious. Breast reduction surgery can help alleviate the discomfort and provide a more attractive and proportionate breast appearance.

The procedure

Breast ReductionBreast reduction is about reducing breast tissue and eliminating saggy breast skin. Incisions are made around the areola, vertically down from the bottom of the areola and in the breast fold. The incision is shaped like an anchor. Through these incisions the surgeon is able to reposition the nipple, reduce breast size by taking out excess fat and tissue and remove excess saggy breast skin.

What Results Can I Expect?

  1. It’s important to maintain realistic expectation when undergoing any plastic surgery procedure.
  2. After breast reduction, most patients will experience not only physical relief but also increased self-confidence as a result of smaller breasts, more attractive contour and better shape.
  3. Problems once associated with excessively large breasts are eliminated. Without the interference of large breasts many activities, including exercise, are performed with ease and comfort.
  4. The results of your breast reduction surgery should last many years.
  5. Some patients may experience a permanent loss of feeling in their nipples or breasts.
  6. Breast reduction will leave permanent scars that will be covered by bras and bathing suits. Products are available that can be placed on the scars to help reduce redness and improve the overall appearance.
  7. Most women feel that the appearance of a scar outweighs the physical discomfort and embarrassment they endured living with excessively large breasts.

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