Endoscopic Browlift

Can Browlift Remove Droopy Eyelid?

Browlift smooths the forehead and lift the droopy eyebrows. However if there is a considerable amount of excess skin on your upper eyelid then upper eyelid surgery is needed. Upper eyelid surgery is often performed in conjunction with a brow lift to create a substantially improved appearance in the upper face region.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Benefits
Ageing Face

Ageing Face

Facial aging is frequently associated with descent of the brow. This results in a unique appearance, in which the brow is sitting at a lower than normal position and this tends to make the patient look unhappy and on occasion, angry.  It is part of the characteristic findings that are seen with the aging process.

The brow lift has historically been performed in conjunction with facelift procedures, in an effort to rejuvenate the facial appearance.  Historically, this has been performed by making an incision across the top of the head and pulling the skin in an upward direction.  Frequently, scars have been associated with this technique and elevation of the anterior hairline.

Endoscopic brow lift represents a significant advancement in plastic surgery.  With this technique, small incisions can be made behind the hairline and a small scope inserted beneath the skin, which can then be utilized to separate the soft tissue of the forehead from the underlying bony structures. This then is repositioned, utilizing an anchoring device behind the hairline. This results in a much more youthful appearance to the forehead and a softer appearance, as well.  It is frequently performed in conjunction with facelifts and upper eyelid surgery, as part of an effort to totally rejuvenate the aging face.

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